Freshness, taste, texture and nutritional value are preserved because our food is Individually Quick Frozen (cryogenically / flash frozen) to extremely low temperature within hours of being prepared.

The quicker water freezes, the smaller and more homogeneous the ice crystals that form. This means that 

  • nutrients and texture are preserved because cellular structure remains relatively undisturbed,
  • freshness is preserved because microorganism growth is inhibited by low temperature and denial of liquid water for metabolism
  • nutrients, pigments and flavour are preserved because drip loss of water is minimised.


So, all of your lovely food is about as fresh and delicious as you can get.

And it can be stored in your standard home freezer for around 6 to 12 months or more.

Some of your food products are vacuum packed for added freshness, and some fish have a protective ice-glaze. 

All of your products should be thoroughly defrosted before cooking, unless indicated otherwise for the cook-from-frozen items.